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You're going to get coffee anyway, right? So you might as well caffienate with a purpose: Coffee for the Kids is taking place this week, from Monday, November 5th through Friday, November 9th. And the concept is simple — just like A Drink for the Kids, you consume, and a portion of the proceeds go straight to our friends at the Vera Project. Easy!

By pairing up with Caffe Vita's Capitol Hill location, the Vera will get to make good use of your habit. And it's not just coffee drinks, either — ten percent of all sales, all week, count. Were you thinking about picking up some mugs for your buddy that moved away for a Christmas present? Need to stock up on beans for the folks you're hosting over Thanksgiving? Now is the time! The money you spend can do good work, without so much as a penny's hit to your wallet.

On top of the sales donations, Vita will be hosting an arts show of Vera show posters, and on top of that, the Vera Project will be hosting benefit shows, doing bake sales, blogging interviews with Vera alumni, and tons more. The goal over this campaign is to raise $40,000.00 over the month of November, and you can help the cause and keep an eye out on all things VP-related by stopping by their website here.

Here's to caffiene-buzzing with a purpose!