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Swedish Cultural Center

Vosta Gotalands and Ian Mariam Wallentin & Andreas Werliin are a married Gonthenburg, Sweden couple who make warm butterscotch sauce on vanilla ice cream music with just voice and some drums and a little sound splash here and there. Their band Wildbirds & Peacedrums is coming to the States in September, but let their new album “The Snake” help cool you down before the fall.

If you’re like Pitchfork (“8.3”), The Guardian (“sensual, pulverizing, and mesmeric”), MOJO (“exceptional”), Uncut (“extraordinary”), or me (“Sweet!”) it will massage away the prickly heat of the day as previous Control Group releases from El Perro Del Marr did. This Seattle-started label seems to have a sexy finger on the vein of the Nordic-soul fetish, and songs like “My Heart” and “There Is No Light” should be getting tons of airplay on certain stations with a similar taste in exquisitely made minimalism.

They toured supporting Lykke Li last February and their return here will spread through October. TCG also announces that the next El Perro Del Marr will be out around that time (September 22, specifically), their third one States-side entitled “Love Is Not Pop.” Sweet!