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This Wednesday (July 29th) Oaklahoma’s Starlight Mints will be at The Crocodile in support of the fresh out of the oven album, Change Remains (released last Tuesday).

I like to think of them as poppier Flaming Lips who spend more time in coffee shops than Radio Shack. Their daydream lyrics are juxtaposed against Gordon Gano-esque vocals, dogged chimes, violins, guitar and cymbal crashes — all pushed to the forefront in the most loving of ways.

And the first Starlight Mints song I ever fell in love with? “Submarine #3” from the brilliant album The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of. Here’s an unofficial, but does the job, video so you can hear what I’m going on and on about:


And feel like something in the “muppet-style” vein? I highly recommend “Popsickle”: