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This weekend I started to make my way through the big stack of cds that has come in recently to… listening to them one by one. I look forward to it because there’s usually a couple of gems in there that I probably never would have heard otherwise.

This time I found a few for which I’m uber-excited to include in a future podcast (need to work on that next)… and a couple of the most stellar ones from the bins were two Casy and Brian releases: “no fiction” 3 song 7″ (out on ufrecords) and “beesides” 4 song 7″ (pretty amazing gold vinyl with gold foil stamped covers out on don’t stop believin).

From the sound of the new Dead Weather album, I think that Jack White should book them to open on their next tour. I can already tell he’d make fast friends with Casy and Brian.  They could tell him all about their method of harsh beautiful lo-fi melodies that command the sences and perk up any room.  Jack would eat it up!

And perfect timing, Casy and Brian are playing in Seattle tonight (Tuesday night 7/28) at The Greenhouse Music Hall – a venue I’ve never heard of but already have fond feelings for because it’s all ages and sometimes goes by the nickname The Green Hizzy.  C&B will be sharing the bill with Herr Jazz, Masters and Johnson, What What Now.

You can go hear a bunch of songs on their MySpace or behold the recent video of a Bottom of the Hill show: