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We here at imaginary headquarters can keep a secret.  Especially when we don't want to believe it's true.

As the band disclosed on their blog, Tullycraft's last Seattle show will be this Saturday at TIG's Top of the Croc. For those interested, Tullycraft's last live show (at least for a long long long long time) will be at the San Francisco Pop Fest in May.

As you may have seen by our February 27th post, Tullycraft has been a band for a long time now. Each of us has had a wonderful time, but over the years it's become increasingly difficult to balance our personal lives (i.e. Chris' goat farm, Cori's adult bookstore, etc..) with our time in the band. While we’re excited to continue to write and record music together, we’ve decided to take a step back from playing live shows. If you would like to catch Tullycraft live before our self-imposed hiatus, we have two shows scheduled: April 4th at the Crocodile (in Seattle), and May 23rd at the Rickshaw Stop (in San Francisco). Thanks so much.

Sure we're sad about this, since we have been long time Tullycraft superfans and have even been lucky enough to have been back up singers on two of their albums (thankfully they were just looking for something termed "untrained singer group party vocals"), but we're at least relieved to hear that they will still continue to write and record songs. We get the cupcake, but just no icing on top.

So, we can't urge you strongly enough to join us at the Crocodile this Saturday to partake in this final sing-along with one of Seattle's finest.

In the meantime, you can read the newest imaginary interview of iji taking on Tullycraft (do they really like to pick fights with other bands?) and watch this lil nugget (recorded in Athens, GA a few years back). Can you spot the members of The Push Kings, Elf Power, Tullycraft, Dressy Bessy, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bunnygrunt, and I Am The World Trade Center?

Who knows, maybe there will be a pillow fight at Top of the Croc as well?