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While TIG doesn't host tribute nights very often, when we do — they're a doozy. We have in fact thrown two, in our six years of existence: our 2006 69 Love Songs pre-Valentine's Day bash, and last week's smashing Exile in Guyville party at Chop Suey.

Both shows were incredible, approaching transcendent, for me. Hearing some of my all-time favorite records performed by some of my favorite local bands, surrounding by hundreds of people all experiencing the same sense of excitement, is a very amazing sort of high. And like any good buzz, now that I've had some, I want MORE.

I have had a few thoughts about what records are amazing enough to be covered in their entirety: the first Stone Roses record. Radiohead OK Computer. The Smiths The Queen is Dead. The Breeders Last Splash. Nick Cave Let Love In. Or the obvious: The Cure Three Imaginary Boys. But I'm not really sure I've nailed one, really.

To that end, my simple question to you, our imaginary readers, is this: If you could pick the next album for our next TIG party, which record would it be, and why?