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We had such an incredible time at our Exile in {Imaginary} Girlville show last week, and it's been great to read about other folks who likewise had a blast at the event. Read what some of our fellow music scribes had to say:

From The Cult Figurine:

I love TIG parties. In 2006 they threw a Valentine’s Day party with local bands covering various of Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs, which was where I first fell in love with Transmissionary Six, Daylight Basement, and Rachel Flotard. This time, I fell in love with Star Anna, Team Gina, and Throw Me the Statue, and re-fell in love with Rachel Flotard and Lesli Wood. For $8, what more could you want!

From Seattlest:

TIG definitely chose their artists well: Star Anna can blow you away on the strength of her voice alone; the Tea Cozies delivered a strong rock set and probably did the best to recreate the album's original vibe; but the stand-out was definitely Team Gina, the experimental retro hip-hop duo, whose version of "Flower" more or less sent the crowd into convulsions.

Erica C. Barnett at The Stranger:

The night was pretty fucking magical—not just because the audience consisted mostly of my fellow washed-up nineties oldsters, but because it’s just fun to be in a roomful of unironically devoted fans who love the same thing you do, for similar reasons. And the musicians—especially Ms. Led’s Lesli Wood—were almost without exception phenomenal.

And of course, from our amazing co-emcee, David Schmader at The Stranger:

One act after another knocked it out of the park, in radically different ways. Among those still haunting my brain: Rachel Flotard’s ace takes on “Mesmerizing” and “Fuck and Run,” Tennis Pro’s (pictured above) loud and smashing “Never Said” and “Soap Star Joe,” Team Gina’s sapphic “Shatter” and “Flower,” M. Bison’s ravishing “Explain it to Me” and “Canary” (which had a grown man near me in the audience in wracking sobs), and Throw Me the Statue’s fierce spin through my favorite Guyville track, the record-and-set-closing “Strange Loop.”

And while we’re saluting the seminal output of 1993, let me say that I would be very happy to attend a cover night devoted to this.

Schmader has thrown down the musical gauntlet for what comes next — he wants to attend a tribute night for PJ Harvey's Rid Of Me. Do you have a wishlist too? If so, tell us which records you'd like to see played live in their entirety, and perhaps TIG will make your dream come true one day.