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Suzanne Snyder and Judie Aronson from Weird Science at Crypticon Seattle

Hello, friends. Do you love all things horror? Do you want to meet film stars from your favorite horror movies?! Do you want to join panel conversations about stuff like Art House Horror, Giallo 101, The Weirdest Weapons in Horror Film, and more? Do you want to buy super cool art, clothing, jewelry, and all kinds of other horror-themed awesomeness from small, DIY vendors? Do you long for the days of conventions past when it didn’t take you 45 minutes to walk three feet because 100,000 people were in the same building?

If yes, than you should have your tickets to Crypticon Seattle already in hand! But just in case you don’t, let me tell you all about why you should go to Crypticon next weekend (May 4-6):

  • ANDY & LUCY FROM TWIN PEAKS! Yesssssssssssssssssss. Harry Goaz & Kimmy Robertson are coming to Crypticon this year!!! I am over the moon about this, and uh, I’m also the person who lucked out and gets to interview them!!! !!! ! !!! !
  • Barbara Crampton & Jeffrey Combs: PEOPLE. Crampton & Combs! At the same convention! Re-Animator and From Beyond are two of my very favorite horror films of all time, so I am SUPER STOKED about this. Best. Photo-op.* Ever.
  • P.J. Soles!?!?! Seriously, P.J. Soles. I mean, COME ON.
  • Sleepaway Camp Fans, rejoice: Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten) & Judy (Karen Fields) are coming to Crypticon!
  • Tons of other great guests, including Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet, Chopping Mall), Randy Havens (Mr. Clarke from Stranger Things!), and Gregg Henry (Slither, Body Double)
  • The Panels: Mentioned briefly above, but omfg so many good panels! In addition to interviews with all the guests, there are a bunch of fan-led panels that are always full of great conversations about everything related to horror film, books, comics, special F/X, etc.
  • The Vendors: There’s always so much great stuff to browse through, learn about, and purchase in the vendor room! Shout-outs to a few of my faves: Queer Horror, ZOMS, Little Vampires, and Nightmare at Beaver Lake.
  • The Events: Crypticon always turns it up to 11 with burlesque shows, a film festival, a cosplay contest, horror prom, F/X classes, workshops, a blood drive (haaaaaa), an impressive collection of hearses, writing & makeup contests and more.
  • The Parties: Last year, Crypticon devoted the entire floor of suites to parties and IT. WAS. GLORIOUS. It’s happening again! I can’t wait to party hop with my horror-loving friends.

Look, I could write a 20-page essay about how amazing Crypticon is, but you should just come and see for yourself! Tickets range from $20-$30 per day, or you can choose from a variety of passes ranging from $60 ($80 at door) for a basic weekend pass to around $300 for the primo platinum experience (I’m rollin’ with the VIP Gold this year, for $195, which includes a ton of cool shit). They’re cheaper if you buy online than they are at the door, but even so, a good deal. Also, it’s super close to Seattle! Just a little ways south of the city at the Hilton Doubletree, right across from the airport.

Lead photo: Crypticon 2017, me with Hilly (Judie Aronson) & Deb (Suzzane Snyder) from Weird Science at Crypticon 2017. They were both THE SWEETEST and I love them forever.

{PS: Find me at the convention next weekend & I’ll tell you the story about having a drink with LANCE FREAKING HENRIKSEN at Crypticon 2016!!!}