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Combining all my early 90s passions {anything in NME with floppy bangs and likely a UK-reference somewhere in their name}, The Hobbes Fanclub has me smitten with their fuzzy brit-gazer-ness pop a la Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

There’s not much info out there about them other than the bio on their myspace and facebook pages which claims the two members of the band have never actually met.  Fabi Karpinski {former singer of Sao Paulo’s Monokini} and guitarist Leon Carroll {based in Bradford, Northeast UK} bonded via email over a shared love of The Ronettes and indiepop.  That’s a for me. I’m in!

The track posted here is their first single, “Outside Myself” released on the poptacular Cloudberry Records back in June, 2010 {and currently the only song I found of theirs on youtube to share}.  The duo has a second single coming out soon on Dufflecoat Records. The single is split with Leach Me Lemonade {Bandung, Indonesia}.

Any fabulous retro-y finds you’ve been loving lately?