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At the Crocodile on Friday, October 8, 2005 Three Imaginary Girls was honored to sponsor one of the most imaginary showcases of local bands possible to celebrate the hot of the presses Cops record {Get Good Or Stay Bad} AND the brand spankin' new Tennis Pro album {Cassie's Junior Varsity Make-Out Squad}.

We wrangled Tennis Pro's David Drury and The Cops' John Randolph into interviewing each other. Below we've got Tennis Pro interviewing The Cops. Want to see the tables turned? Read what happened when The Cops interviewed Tennis Pro.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: How did you get those great guitar and drum sounds on the new record?

John Randolph {The Cops}: That would be our spiffy engineer, Kurt Bloch. No one knows how he does it.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Songwriting process: does it start with a riff? A lyrical idea? A jam session?

John Randolph {The Cops}: Pretty much all of the above depending on the song. As Mike likes to say, "Start with a spliff, then hit up the riff."

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Who in the band most often comes up with ideas that everybody else groans at?

John Randolph {The Cops}: All of our ideas are submitted anonymously, and therefore we don't know the answer to this question. John's cats groan at us every time we practice at their house.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: What is the last thing all four of you did together that wasn?t band-related?

John Randolph {The Cops}: Probably hung out at a bar–The Denny's cocktail lounge, in fact. Or maybe it was playing Bocce Ball in Dave's living room.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: When can we expect an epic weepy punk ballad a la Greenday's "When September Ends?"

John Randolph {The Cops}: Probably on the next Green Day record.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: What does any one day on tour with The Cops consist of?

John Randolph {The Cops}: A typical day consists of all kinds of mayhem and sonorous celebration. But to simplify it, we wake up, drive forever, show up at a club, rock, find a floor to sleep on. Sometimes we eat. It is one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Why are you so afraid of hitting more than 28 states in your three week tour? Don't like to venture far from home?

John Randolph {The Cops}: You guys sure do ask the tough questions. Brian is currently only allowed in 28 states. Perhaps when he's cleared, we'll do the 50 states in 2 weeks. Let's see, that would be 4 states in a day — better not let grandpa John drive.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Since all punk bands are essentially glorified cover bands by now, I?ll bet you?re pretty angry. That?s so punk rock.

John Randolph {The Cops}: Not as punk rock as our new punk band haircuts and new punk clothes we got at the mall! This question makes me horny.

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Frank "Ponch" Poncharello, T.J. Hooker, or Dirty Harry?

John Randolph {The Cops}: Jeeze, can't I say Paul Kersey? Ok, TJ Hooker then.