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At the Crocodile on Friday, October 8, 2005 Three Imaginary Girls was honored to sponsor one of the most imaginary showcases of local bands possible to celebrate the hot of the presses Cops record {Get Good Or Stay Bad} AND the brand spankin' new Tennis Pro album {Cassie's Junior Varsity Make-Out Squad}.

We wrangled Tennis Pro's David Drury and The Cops' John Randolph into interviewing each other. Below we've got The Cops interviewing Tennis Pro. Want to see the tables turned? Read what happened when Tennis Pro interviewed The Cops.

John Randolph {The Cops}: What has been the best Tennis Pro show yet?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: We closed out the Seattle International Film Festival by playing two sets at a swanky wrap-up party a year ago. The first set everybody was a little unsure how to react to us. But by the second set the whole room was shaking it like they wanted something to fall off. I saw an art baron do the MC Hammer dance. I saw an old lady threatening waiters with a champagne bottle. The crowd took all of our stage prop vintage rackets and destroy them in celebratory violence. And Seattle Weekly staff tried to make out with our drummer.

John Randolph {The Cops}: The new record has a more complex sound to it than the last. How did you guys record it?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: With lots of love, Pro-Tools, 16 remixes, and plenty of Sparks.

John Randolph {The Cops}: Who did the lovely strings on Kidnapped?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Our own Phil Peterson and his sister, Victoria Parker. Phil is something of a Cello prodigy by day. By night he is a vampire.

John Randolph {The Cops}: Do you guys plan to tour in support of the new record?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Yes. It’s in the works. We’re looking to get out of state. And fast.

John Randolph {The Cops}: What do you tell people who ask you what Tennis Pro sounds like?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: 1. Three-piece rock band with vocal hooks. 2. Prep-core. 3. Stuffing fireworks into a Beach Boy album jacket and lighting it on fire.

John Randolph {The Cops}: Where did you guys learn to become such skilled tennis players?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Serving drinks at the country club

John Randolph {The Cops}: Is the song, "Imaginary Girl," about one of the lovely and talented ladies who hooked this interview up?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Not one lovely, but three

John Randolph {The Cops}: What record is on your turntable/CD player right now?

Phil Peterson{Tennis Pro}: Sam Cooke

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Beulah, Jellyfish, Supergrass

Sean Lowry {Tennis Pro}: Pixies, Fine Young Cannibals

John Randolph {The Cops}: Your drummer did a fantastic job cutting my wife's hair earlier this year. Can we get a group rate for The Cops?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: Sean accepts whiskey as a valid form of payment.

John Randolph {The Cops}: What lies in the future for Tennis Pro?

David Drury {Tennis Pro}: High school cheerleader scandals, dropped charges, freelance welding, parlor tricks, a tell-all biography, loose lips, sunken ships, non-dairy whipped topping huffing, Mexican weddings, space travel, and a fistfight onstage with Good Charlotte at the Teen Choice Awards.