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{Photo courtesy of Sarah Jurado, all-around gorgeous human.}

A few thoughts on why you should find yourself at the Crocodile this Saturday, March 5th:

1. Damien Jurado is a king amongst men. He is a beautiful person who makes music so personal, it’s hard not to shed copious tears upon hearing the opening notes of a song, or when he opens his mouth to sing. Saint Bartlett is his newest release, and has been called everything from “an¬†achievement” (Pitchfork) to a “welcome fork in the road” (PopMatters) in terms of sound, which may have a lot to do with his collaboration with Richard Swift for this album.

He’ll be headlining the evening, the frosting on top of a delicious indie rock cake of awesome.

{Photo courtesy of Laura Musselman, expert kitten wrangler.}

2. There is a rumor floating around that Viva Voce will be playing the show on Saturday as a two-piece. Not that the Viva Voce extended family is a bad thing, because it’s quite the opposite — however, there is something soul-affirming and lift-you-to-the-risers exciting about the core duo performing. There’s less people to watch, more time to spend on marveling at how G-D amazing Anita Robinson is as a guitar player. The shredding she unleashes is unstoppable. And there is nothing like watching Kevin Robinson play drums, keyboards and guitar at the same time, without missing a beat. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss their set.

{Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.}

3. Portland darlings Loch Lomond will open the show with their brand of “raw symphonic chamber pop” — which could possibly consist of thirty theremins, but likely will not.¬† It will be a dreamy set, and an excellent start to a beautiful night.

Important details: The Crocodile. Saturday. Doors at 8pm. 21+. $12 (or $14.45 w/fees).

Get into it!