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First Dana's BFF Amy Winehouse takes a turn for the worst, and now, out of left field, my dear BFF Owen Wilson is in the hospital under suspect circumstances.

Last night, I heard a report of wrist cuts and pills. This morning, there's no wrist cuts reported, but the news is citing dehydration and overdose.

Don't scare me like this Owen. You've got a spectacular new project with Wes Anderson releasing soon (The Darjeeling Limited)… and, if you want to hang out, I'm here. 

CBS reports:

"Wedding Crashers" star Owen Wilson was hospitalized Sunday, according to sources on the Web and TV. confirmed that Wilson, 38, had been taken to the hospital but didn't say why. TMZ published a statement from the Santa Monica Police Department: "On Sunday, Aug. 26, 2007, at 12:10 p.m., officers from the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a medical assistance call from the Santa Monica Fire Department at the 900 block of 23rd Street. The person was transported to a local hospital where they are being treated."

According to "Entertainment Tonight," Wilson was later brought to the Beverly Hills' Cedars-Sinai Hospital where he detoxed. Anonymous sources said Wilson suffered from dehydration. The show also reported that brother Luke Wilson was spotted leaving Cedars-Sinai on Sunday night with their brother, Andrew. People magazine said Owen's parents also visited.

Wilson, who recently broke up with actress Kate Hudson, was nominated for an Oscar for "The Royal Tenebaums" screenplay. He has starred in many box-office blockbusters such as "Zoolander" with Ben Stiller and the thriller "Behind Enemy Lines" with Gene Hackman.

Most recently, he starred in "Night at the Museum," with Stiller and is slated to star in the film adaptation of the book "Marley and Me."