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Justice @ Showbox Sodo 03.24.08

It's astounding how many things are going on tonight! ChrisB will be at Metric at Showbox (read his interview with them), Keenan will be with Jens Lekman (Oh sweet Jens) at the Crocodile, imaginary victoria is headed to see Neko Case (at the Paramount), and imaginary hyme is all about the Desolation Wilderness show. Even our imaginary gal in LA, CA has chimed in with a recommendation to see recently Barsuk-signed artist Wooden Birds at Chop Suey tonight.

And then there's these other shows we'd be freaking out about if the above didn't have us scattered everywhere:

  • Spanish for 100 will be at the Sunset with At-The-Spine and Autolite Strike — Word has it that the Spanish for 100 show is going to be especially killer as they have a special reason to cover both old and new songs tonight
  • Y'alternative crooners The Felice Brothers will be taking over the Tractor
  • Even Caffe Vita is in the action with a performance tonight to raise funds for the Vera Project: Say Hi, Grant Olsen (Arthur and Yu), Mount Eerie, and Shawn Smith

  • Jason Lytle of Grandaddy is going to be at the Mars Bar tonight (not a joke! He's heading over there after he opens for Neko at the Paramount)

And then there's SIFF!

Where are you headed tonight?


(Photo by Jeanine Anderson)