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While the official start date of TIG is a vague one (the earliest article dates back to May 22, 2002, though the site officially launched live to the world on June 25, 2002), we have long considered June 10th as our imaginary birthday.

Which makes us five years old!

We will be celebrating in a few weeks with not one but TWO great shows: one that's 21+ and one that's for the all-ages crowd. Here are the deets:

Three Imaginary Girls 5th birthday party weekend!

Friday, July 6th at the Croc (21+)

  • BOAT (CD release show!)
  • The Shaky Hands
  • Dolour
  • The Western States Motel

Saturday, July 7th at Vera (all-ages)

  • The Shaky Hands
  • BOAT (CD release show!)
  • Eux Autres
  • Patience Please

We are BIGTIME excited and will be posting more details — including the awesome show posters — as we get closer to showtime. Meanwhile, happy bday to TIG! We live in the zoo, we look like monkeys, and we smell like them too!

And as a special challenge to any longtime TIG superfans — can anyone name either:

1) The very shows we reviewed, timewise (hint: it's from May 24, 2002, and there are three bands reviewed) or

2) What the first article we pushed live was (on June 25th, 2002)?

Post links to the articles below if you think you know, and if you're the first one with a correct answer, we can probably swing ya tickets to one of our birthday party shows!