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Did you make it downtown for the Seattle satellite Rally to Restore Sanity this fine (and blessedly sunny) Saturday morning?  Or, did you watch the Washington DC version on the tube?  Despite my best intentions, it was a wonderful yet really late night at the Rendezvous last night that resulted in me forgoing the early AM bus downtown and opting to stay curled up in bed with ye olde TV to watch Colbert and Steward have fun with that train skit.

I think it’s all pretty spectacular. What did you think? Anyone at the either of the rallies have photos or favorite moments?

After your nap, are you headed out and about tonight in costume? Perhaps you can find some star-filled pants and a flag fleece and be Stephen Colbert? There are a bunch of great options for this pre-Halloween night {alt.orchestra,,}.

{Great photo of America-ness by Harold Hollingsworth}