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This is the closest thing to a scary story I can offer up today… but, the thing about mine is that it is ALL TRUE!

I was in Wisconsin last week and had a great time roadtripping around. Of course, all this time in the car resulted in a lot of time cruising their radio dial. I found myself singing along to some songs I haven't heard in a while (can anyone deny that singing along to "Come On Eileen" isn't a HOOT?!), but one of my finds completely caught me off guard: Rick Dees' "Disco Duck."

It was right there — square in the Adult Contemporary section of the dial — amongst the Billy Joel ("Only the Good Dye Young"), Green Day ("When September Ends") and Madonna ("Borderline")! Moreover, when the DJ back announced it, there were no apologies or sarcastic nods.

It was certainly a blast from childhood (a time when it didn't seem so odd to have this on vinyl)… and I had to share. This YouTube version isn't the most Disney-ish (which is how I always envision it)– but it's weird enough to make you nervously giggle and perhaps scar your day a bit.