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Hello, imaginary friends! We just found out that this show has been cancelled, but wanted to pass along Imaginary Karen's thoughts on the matter regardless. Read on for some great insight:

This week at the Kanye show, I nearly threw my beer in the face of the guy next to me after he confidently declared that Seattleites don’t get hip hop. Thems fightin’ words!!  After he explained that he moved here from Philly three years ago and still can’t find anyone here who really knows the genre, I pointed out that if he were willing to pull his head out of his ass he would know that the NW hip hop scene is a force to be reckoned with.

For example: nationwide sensation Macklemore aside (although we totally heart him), there are incredible, eclectic indie acts coming out of the Cloud Nice collectiveIt will all be going down this Friday October 25 at the Neptune for NW hip hop showcase Night of the LTD featuring Kingdom Crumbs, OCNotes, Jarv Dee, ILLFIGHTYOU, and DJ Suspence. Hosted by the Stranger’s hip hop columnist Larry Mizell, Jr., (aka El Mizell), I’m fairly certain this crew knows what they’re doing.

Headliners Kingdom Crumbs’ (rappers/producers Tay Sean, Mikey Nice, Jarv Dee, and Jerm D) self-released debut album is a total mind fuck of underground beats, electronic funk, and irresistible hooks. Their sound pinballs between genre-bending influences, and if you like early Outkast or A Tribe Called Quest, it’s a safe bet you're gonna dig it. I can’t possibly top this press release description, so I won't try:

”Out of the firmament, miles above Seattle, WA comes KINGDOM CRUMBS — the supercharged nucleus of the Cloud Nice collective. Evoking spirits, talking to ancestors, partying like it's 9991 — the crucial quartet make some of the flyest spiritual space-funk to be found in this electronic era. Leave your bags at the door, enter the Kingdom.”

Well said.

Insanely productive local producer / DJ OCNotes released four albums in two years, spanning everything from house to rock. Live, he uses an MIDI controller to lay down the gauntlet the way other artists use rap battles. The effect is spectacular and unique, leaving you with that euphoric feeling you’re part of something uniquely existing in that very moment that will never be replicated. Besides doing his own thing, he’s also produced tracks for other local artists, including the incomparable THEESatisfaction.

Jarv Dee is doing a double bill, appearing with Kingdom Crumbs as well as performing solo. Recently appearing at the Capitol Hill Block Party, he downright lit the crowd up with his performance. Tacoma natives ILLFIGHTYOU just released self-titled album comes with a Parental Advisory, a shit-ton of aggressive attitude, grinding beats, and good ol’ fashioned indecency. In other words, don’t miss them.

{7:30 doors / 8:30 show / all ages / $15.}