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{Youth Rescue Mission at the High Dive}

Okay. So, in case you’ve missed the squee-ing we’ve done over the album, or the nifty DIY video, or all the amazing they brought to Audioasis on KEXP recently — let us tell you again: Youth Rescue Mission is a Good Band. And in the sea of things you could have taking over your Thursday night, this show is hands-down the one event you should let your boat succumb to. Period.

YRM will be at the High Dive tonight with Smokey Brights (who come complete with a smattering of local all-starness action) and Sean Flinn and the Royal We. Doors are at 9. Cover is six bucks. And as per usual, it’s a 21+ show. Dig on the poster, show up early enough to buy your passes at the door, and go — we promise you’ll dig how Youth Rescue Mission does it live!