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After a tough couple years, the Canadian excitable, indie-dancie, post-punky band known as You Say Party! has decided to take a break.  From the blips and bleeps I’ve heard of them over the last few years, I always knew that I would love them, but I just hadn’t made the concerted effort to superfanny on them. I always figured I’d get to it next time they came to town.

Now they’ve beat me to the punch and announced they are going on an indefinite hiatus.  Hmm… I guess that gives me plenty of time to get up to speed in time for their reunion show in a few years.

This has also inspired me to catch up on some other bands I’ve taken a back seat on, even though I know I’ll love them (or at least that’s what the similarity charts tell me). Watch out Frightened Rabbit and Crystal Stilts… I’m coming after you!

Who have you been meaning to dive into lately?