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Photo by William Joines, Pitchfork MediaI don't mean to steal any of the thunder from my friend Imaginary Ash's "Free Music Friday" post coming up shortly, but this kicks way too much ass not to give it its own special entry:

One of my favorite records from 2007, Disco Romance by Sally Shapiro, is getting the super-deluxe remix treatment this year, with two (two!) collections of remixes. The first, Remix Romance Volume 1, is set for release on April 7 and Volume 2 will be available for download-only and available in mid-June.

The artists contributing remixes include The Juan MacLean, Dntel, Holy Fuck, Junior Boys, amongst others.

Not just that, but the Junior Boys' remix of "Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me)" (now called "Jackie Junior") is awesome — and, even better, available as a free download. Right click, save target as… here. You can pre-order Volume 1 here.

Here's some YouTube-age of "Jackie Jackie" before the Junior Boys got their hands on it: