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God, I'm exhausted. I literally don't think I'll get a good night's sleep till this thing is over.

Till then, I keep reading the news and sharing the links:

  • Half a million in 24 hours? That's what progessive fundraisers do when faced with nutjobs like Michele Bachmann. Here's to hoping for a Tiklenberg victory in Minnesota (and not just because his name sounds like a character from Harry Potter, either. {Daily Kos}
  • Oh noes, not the "S" word. McCain camp calls Obama a socialist, after our country nationalizes all the banks. Um, okay. {MBNBC}
  • Live Free or Die Tattoo. Meghan McCain vows to tattoo the motto of NH on her person if her Pops wins NH and the general election. If that doesn't get you to the polls… um, yeah. {Union Leader}
  • Sarah Palin on SNL tonight. Think she's gonna be funny, or pathetic? Or both? I like what Dan Savage has to say about it. {Slog}
  • Go see Joe Biden in Tacoma tomorrow (Sunday!" Rumor has it Seattle band the Maldives get to open after all because the high school marching band didn't pass the background check. Such intrigue! {TIG}
  • Don't be complacent. Donate! Do you still have that stuff available during these trying economic times, you know, the green stuff with the Presidential heads on 'em? If so, you know what to do. {Go Obama/Biden 2008!}

Did I miss anything good? If so, please leave a link in the comments below.