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In just 18 short days, this epic election season will be over. Hopefully there will be drunken rejoicing in the streets… and afterwards, we can go back to obsessing about all things sparkly and indie-pop and Northwest music.

Till then, we keep our eyes to the election news. Some tidbits from today's press:

  • Go Chicago Go! For the first-time in its 168 year history, the Chicago Tribune is endorsing a Democrat for President. {Chicago Tribune}
  • Has Barack broken the $100 million mark for September? Rumor says he has. {NY Times}
  • Holy crazy McCarthy-esque lady. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann condemns Obama… no, all the Democrats in Congress as anti-American, demands investigation! {Daily Kos
  • Chillax, Ohio folks. Supreme Court says you can vote after all. {TPM}
  • Hmm, I wonder which one Seattle is? Sarah Palin thinks some parts of the US are Pro-America, and some aren't. {HuffPo}
  • "I'm Tom Udall and I'm humbled to approve this message." Wow. This might be the most powerful political ad I've ever seen. {Daily Kos}
  • "Governor Palin, I should have a choice about this." Wow again. This might be a close second. {American Blog}
  • Make sure you're registered! And pass it on… {Voters Unite}
  • Don't be complacent. Donate! Do you still have that stuff available during these trying economic times, you know, the green stuff with the Presidential heads on 'em? If so, you know what to do. {Go Obama/Biden 2008!}

Did I miss anything good? If so, please leave a link in the comments below.