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All of us here at Casa Imaginaria have taken a wee bit sick this weekend, so I'm going to keep tonight's update short and sweet and save most of the juicy bits for tomorrow.

Tonight I've got to tell you something. Remember my uber Republican father I told you about? He forwarded me an email today. An AOL email forward, replete with rainbow stationary, enough exposed email addresses in all the FW: FW: FW: fields to double the TIG mailing list, and all the requisite "Obama is Muslim, McCain is a POW" crap such emails tend to contain.

My only question is: how to react? So I turn to you, dear imaginary readers.

Should I:

A) Delete it. No sense getting all riled up.

B) Reply, politely requesting that he not send me political emails in the future.

C) Reply, telling him Republicans can all suck it, we're going to kick their butts next week.

D) Reply, providing a thoughtful paragraph-by-paragraph analysis deconstruction of said offending emails.

E) Reply,  clearly outlining exactly why I'm supporting Barack Obama.

F) Reply, telling him his email just motivated me to donate again to the Obama/Biden campaign.

H) Reply, detailing all the Republicans who have defected to Team Obama because Sarah Palin is such an incompetent dimwit.

I) Reply, and share the response on TIG.

J) None of the above, but I'll make some suggestions for what you should do in the comments below.

WWBOD? (What would Barack Obama do?) Feel free to post the letter(s) of the best course of action(s) in the comments below.

I eagerly await your imaginary input. If you'd like to see the offending email text, this blogger has it (with some snappy commentary).