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igLiz, heads up!

Your imaginary boy friend Conor Oberst has given you (and the rest of us one more reason to pre-order Cassadega, his latest and greatest forthcoming release on Saddle Creek Records (dropping on April 10th — only five more days for those of you marking the days off on those Bright Eyes Advent-style calendars).

According to this article on Pitchfork, folks who pre-order the CD from Saddle Creek (or pre-order it via iTunes) will get a bonus track "Susan Miller Rag". For those of you who can't wait another moment (ahem, Liz), Saddle Creek has a track from the release ready for you to download right this moment: "No One Would Riot for Less"

If that still doesnt' satiate your need for Bright Eyes, why not read this review (and gaze at the fabu Ryan Schierling photos) of Bright Eyes from back in 2003?

Bright Eyes photo by Ryan Schierling