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Between the Block Party, the Doe Bay Music Festival, Bumbershoot, and some gigs here & there around town, you’d be hard-pressed to get away from Hey Marseilles these days. This band is everywhere right now, and with good reason. Their talented, infectious vibe is catching the eyes and ears of some pretty important folks of late, most notably Christen Greene over at Fuzed Music.

According to our exclusive pre-press release, Greene officially inked a management deal with Hey Marseilles a few weeks ago, just after their stellar mainstage performance at the Capitol Hill Block Party. It’s Greene’s first signing under the Fuzed Music roof, and it looks as though she’s hit a homerun.


Here’s what she had to say about the band (and her new gig over at Fuzed):

I caught a set at Neumo’s the week I moved here [2008] and was blown away. We started chatting about their team, their vision and what the future would hold for them as a band. It turns our that our philosophies lined up and we’re all excited to move forward.

[…] Dave [Meinert] is clearly well-accomplished and respected here in Seattle and on a national level. Working together seemed like a logical pairing as I am looking to really tap in locally and work with like-minded folks, and he is looking to expand Fuzed’s management wing.

And expand it will, as Hey Marseilles is joining the growing roster at Fuzed, currently home to The Presidents of the United States of America, Blue Scholars, and Common Market. If you missed the Block Party performance, you’ll have plenty of chances to see HM coming up soon, most notably at this weekend’s Doe Bay Music Festival, and both on-stage and in the KEXP lounge at Bumbershoot. And to top all that off, look for a re-release of To Travels and Trunks, courtesy of the new deal with Fuzed, and keep your eyes peeled for more tour dates later this year.