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Last night Three Imaginary Girls celebrated two momentous occasions — our sixth birthday, and the re-release of one of our favorite albums of all times, Liz Phair's seminal debut Exile in Guyville — with the best tribute to the fine record we could think of: nine of our favorite Northwest bands, covering the record from start to finish. We're still reeling from the sheer giddiness of the night. Chop Suey was packed with over 300 amazing people, reveling in the joy of finally getting to hear the album performed live by such amazing musicians.

The bands were stellar. Srsly. I had extremely high expectatation for the night, and they were all exceeded.

Thanks so much to all the amazing bands who played; thanks a zillion to Easy Street Records, KEXP, Seattle Sound Magazine for co-sponsoring the night and especially to David Schmader of the Stranger for co-emceeing it; and most of all, thanks to all of YOU, our readers for an insanely wonderful six years of Three Imaginary Girls.

Without further ado, here's the setlist as well as some fabu-photos from the night. We expect loads more pictures coming in the next few days; in fact, if you have some yourself, please post them to our TIG Sparkly Indie Pop Flickr group.

Lucy Bland "6'1""
Lucy Bland "Help Me Mary"
Star Anna "Glory"
Star Anna "Dance Of The Seven Veils"
Tennis Pro "Never Said"
Tennis Pro "Soap Star Joe"
M. Bison "Explain It To Me"
M. Bison "Canary"
Visqueen "Mesmerizing"
Rachel Flotard "Fuck And Run"
Lesli Wood "Girls! Girls! Girls!"
Lesli Wood "Divorce Song"
Team Gina "Shatter"
Team Gina "Flower"
Tea Cozies "Johnny Sunshine"
Tea Cozies "Gunshy"
Throw Me The Statue "Stratford-On-Guy"
Throw Me The Statue "Strange Loop"

Lucy Bland
Lucy Bland, standing six-feet-one instead of five-feet-two. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Lucy Bland
Who knew "Help Me Mary" needed a glockenspiel? Lucy Bland, that's who. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Star Anna
Star Anna bowled us over with her throaty, sparse interpretations of her songs. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Tennis Pro
Tennis Pro rocked "Never Said" in drag (and messy lipstick). Photo by Laura Musselman.

M. Bison
M. Bison killed "Canary." Photo by Laura Musselman.

M. Bison
M. Bison: They come when called. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Rachel Flotard of Visqueen
Rachel Flotard of Visqueen was Mesmerrizing. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Rachel Flotard of Visqueen
Letters and sodas and Visqueen. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Lesli Wood
Lesli Wood gets away with what the girls call murder. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Backup vocals by Cristina Bautista and the Team Ginas
Lesli is backed up by Cristina Bautista and the Team Ginas. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Anna Lange dances
Anna Banana backup dances. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Team Gina
Gina Genius. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Team Gina
Gina Bling: Wants to be your blowjob queen? Photo by Jeanine Anderson.

Lucy Bland
Tea Cozies are "Gunshy." Photo by Laura Musselman.

Throw me the statue
Throw Me the Statue like to pretend they're in a Galaxie 500 video. Photo by Jeanine Anderson.

Throw Me the Statue
Throw Me the Statue. Photo by Jeanine Anderson.

David Schmader
Co-emcee David Schmader. Photo by Laura Musselman.

Exile in Imaginary Girlville
Photo by Laura Musselman.