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We just heard from Team Bumbershoot about a couple of contests that might be of interest to you, imaginary readers…

The first competition is a short video contest on the oh-so-open theme: What is Bumbershoot? Create a two-minute video, upload it to YouTube by 7/31, and if you win, you get a free Gold VIP pass (three gloriously free days at Bumbershoot!). Follow the link for full deets.

The second competition (also for a free Gold VIP pass) is for crafters of all sorts. All you need to do is integrate the word "Bumbershoot" into your creation to be considered for the grand prize and…. ahh heck, I'm gonna just quote right from their website:

Do you rock with knitting needles? Do your recycled magazine mosaics turn heads? Have you found a clever way to repurpose chopsticks, tube socks or your old cassette tape collection? If you have a passion for arts and crafts, then we have a contest for you! Bumbershoot and ReadyMade are teaming up to offer you this great opportunity to do what you love and, if we love it too, we'll display it at ReadyMade's Bumbershoot booth. Plus, one grand prize winner will get awesome free stuff!

Submission deadline for this competition ends 8/3, and I can already think of a few pals of mine who could totally ROCK this contest (Kelly, Anna Banana, I'm looking your way!).

Now…. go forth and craft/record!