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As first reported on Line Out — Matt & Kim have announced (via their MySpace blog) that they've cancelled their upcoming Seattle/Portland/Vancouver tour dates:

we are so so sorry to say that due to reasons we prefer not to go into, we will not be playing our shows in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. these shows are still going to happen and be awesome without us so go out and have a crazy time.

we will resume the tour in salt lake city and continue as scheduled.

we love portland and seattle and we were really excited to go to vancouver for our first time but we looked at all possible options and due to the circumstances, there is no way we can make it work. so we’ll surely be flying out to make up these shows in the summer.

again, huge apologies and see you soon.


First the Fratellis cancel out as they are about to head to Seattle, and now this!!!

Oddly, I'm still kinda pissed at the Fratellis for leaving the US just days before their Seattle stop… but I am not so mad at M&K. They're good eggs. They'll be back soon. I just hope it isn't due to some rash or something.  

The Noise for the Needy show that they were on (Thursday night at Neumo's) is still going to rock the house. CSS alone is a DO NOT MISS!