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I couldn't even make it through one week of 2008 without finding something I'm a little bit embarrassed to enjoy. The real truth is (and you heard it here first), Ms. Elisa Jordana will cross over from cheese to please in the very near future for those of us in the tight-jeans crew.

I only know two things about this young lady:

  1. She was kicked out of Cobra Starship — you know, the slickster hipster "band" that does that Snakes on a Plane theme song (cuteish video).
  2. If we believe her wikipedia entry, her real name is Elisa Schwartz.

I don't believe she has anything yet officially released, however, you can listen to her at the following web haunts: Purevolume (download all her songs free here), iSound, and MySpace

If you, like your old pal The Sleepwalker here, have spent the last several years lamenting the dearth of upper-middle-class suburban wink-wink hip-hop song recasting, you will dance the dance of joy when your ears are massaged by the songs "Nymphomaniac" and "Barbados."

I'll leave it at that.

Happy New Year!