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As some of you who follow that sport that, you know, the rest of the world loves (hint: its soccer), a certain David Beckham will start playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS starting at the end of the month. He's jumping ship from Real Madrid of the Spanish League to the Galaxy, which is unheard of in global soccer and is sort of akin to David Ortiz of the Red Sox deciding to start playing for Slippery Rock Sliders of the Frontier League. Translation: big step down. However, when you realize Beckham will makes ~$5 million a year which is, oh, almost as much as the entire rest of the LA Galaxy roster combined, then you feel less bad for the bloke. And he's married to Posh Spice (who is already busy throwing out first pitches at Dodger Stadium – and looking very odd while doing it).

So, what does all this football, er, soccer nonsence have to do with the Fratellis? In addition to skipping out on shows in Seattle, the Fratellis are busy telling Beckham to "sod off" when it comes to recording his official song for his new Galaxy gig. As NME reports, it would have been a cover of the Beatles "Hello Goodbye" but, alas, looks like the Fratellis want none of that loveliness.