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Why should The Stranger be the only local blog besotted with inane yet entertaining blog drama?  Nothing gets it going like a mention of the Lashes, and as a bonus, there's free music involved! 

Ben Lashes would like you to know all of the following: 

"we are now giving away "THANK YOU" (side a) away for free on our myspace page so all the lazy tastemakers who won't plunk down six bucks at sonic boom can hear how fun we are.  we would love to invite the readers of three imaginary girls to steal our songs and rekindle the debate of radiohead vs. the lashes, which never made any sense in the first place…because radiohead suck, and they would never give away free pizza. "

Those of you looking for the freebies can find them here.  Those looking for passive entertainment, sit back and enjoy the youtube'd goodness of the Lashes' NYE show at the Comet.