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Two of my favorite live bands are in town on Saturday and I'm so torn!

I had already gotten tickets to the Mountain Goats show at Neumos by the time I heard the Hives were coming to town (with the Donnas)… which is fine since I've been itching to see M. Goats in fuller band form and I am loving the new album, Heretic Pride. (BTW: go listen to the full album here! NOW!) 

But I LOVE me some Hives! Their live show is second to none — it's full of energy, rockstar strutting, and sweaty enthusiasm. My only consolation is that we have our amazing photographer/writer gal Chona covering the show at Showbox Sodo so I can live vicarously through her photos. 

The Saturday night battle in Seattle… who are you going to choose?

The Mountain Goats (their newest video, "Sax Rohmer #1" from Heretic Pride – oh how the John Darnielle can wax poetic and display awesome fonts) 


The Hives (performing the first two songs from the "Tussles in Brussels" DVD — "Hello Europeans!")