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Check it out! It's week three of Free Music Friday! Here, once again, we provide you with links to some worthy MP3s across the web. Get your CTRL-click / right-click on with the following:


Seattle's Man Plus has a new album out, The Hungarian Suicide Songbook. We'll have a review up soon, but in the meantime, they've posted a sampling on their website. Here's "A Ghost Is A Ghost Is A Ghost," and you can download two more of their tracks when you visit the press section of their website.


Are you peeing your pants with anticipation for the new Breeders album that's dropping in a couple of weeks? I can tell you that it's fantastic (I'll tell you a lot more when my review of it posts on 4/8). Here's "Bang On," thanks to Stereogum!


Shy Child, who have a forthcoming release on Kill Rock Stars, are about to embark on a small East Coast tour, and we're sure they'll hit Seattle before long. Here's "Astronaut," courtesy of Terrorbird. Says NME, "Shy Child are to Kraftwerk what The White Stripes are to Led Zeppelin!"


Tilly and the Wall is back on the road, and The Sleepwalker and I got to see them last weekend. Here's "Chandelier Lake" c/o the blog Omaha Hype.


Thunder stealer ChrisB posted a blog this morning with a link to a Sally Shapiro/Junior Boys track, so here's that link one more time for good measure. (Dear ChrisB, JK about that thunder stealing thing, haha, love ya!)


∞ And finally, Dead Confederate's stock has been soaring lately, with an opening spot for R.E.M. at SXSW and lots of buzz around the blogosphere. We have a review of their new EP up today (let's just say we're VERY fond of it), and I found this mp3 of them covering Neil Young's "On the Beach" courtesy of Los Angeles blog Aquarium Drunkard. If you see Dead Confederate, make sure to ask Hardy to tell you some Little Mary Jane jokes.


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