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Dear Rachel,

Do you ever have a band that everyone seems to love but you just can't stand? For me that band is Coldplay. I just can't stand that guys phony, whiny, stupid-ass, derivitive voice! Anyhow, my guy *loves* Coldplay, and keeps playing them as "mood" music. (He doesn't know how much I can't stand them). I really like this guy, but I fear that if I tell him I don't like the band he'll be all offended (not just because he wouldn't like my taste, but because we've been intimate to "Parachutes" on more than one occasion). But I really don't want to have to keep making out to Coldplay.

*Shiver* What would you do "In My Place"?

Frustrated by Rushes of Blood to the Head



Can't take the Cold, you need to burn down the igloo. As much as I hate to turn off VH1 smack in the middle of his REI fantasy of jogging slo-mo on wussbag beach. Ahoy.

Subtly suggest to DJ Sensitive Bedflames that you'd like some Lou Rawls instead. I guarantee that Gwyneth Paltrow, impregnated by the entire band and management team of Coldplay, feels like a little Foghat right about now. Imagine the stagnation. Her make-outs are probably sanctioned by Oprah but sponsored by AT&T and Bono.

Should this not make one bucky dent in your lover's mood music, just start keying his record collection.




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