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Spanish for 100 is nice little outfit from Seattle that have a unique country-style take on the mid-nineties incarnation of indie/emo rock, a sound that reminds me of my younger days when emotions were less guarded and seemingly more intense and desperate.

Their site indeed describes them as “Fugazi tackling the Merle Haggard songbook” and while I didn’t hear much of Iam MacKaye and company coming from the their amps I certainly picked up on their distinct southwestern and country twang. Their slower jams make nice use of harmony and pleasing guitar passages that facilitated the feelings of ennui that I associate with the music of that genre. Their upbeat songs were more akin the great bands like Samiam, Texas is the Reason, or Sunny Day Real Estate.

Photo by Mike Mess

Overall I liked these guys. They were fun and the sun had just really come out for the entire weekend right before they played.