Three Imaginary Girls

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The Long Winters are the consummate imaginary band (and not just because the idea for Three Imaginary Girls was born at an early Long Winters show, either). Nothing thrills our imaginary hearts like hearing new Long Winters songs are on the way…

That is, unless we hear there's a Long Winters show forthcoming where they will play said songs….

That is, unless we also have free tickets to said show to give to our imaginary friends, to hear said new songs.

I suspect you see where this is going. But in case you don't, here's a recap:

  1. New Long Winters songs: CHECK!
    We have no idea what they sound like, but we know Roderick and company are working on material for their next release. Rejoice!
  2. New Long Winters show: CHECK!
    It'll be at the Showbox on July 5th. The Cops and BOAT are also on the bill. Talk about a three-way of imaginary favorites…
  3. Free ticket giveaway to Long Winters show. CHECK!
    TIG has teamed up with Barsuk Records to arrange tickets to the show for three lucky imaginary readers and their guests!

Got it? Now all you need to do is enter to win.