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Our favorite Australian balladeer is coming to Seattle for an early Saturday show on Saturday 16th!  Touring in support of 2010’s brilliant I Will Love You At All (which was one of my top 10 records of 2010) and the recent Butterfly Bones EP (which features two songs from the album), Darren Hanlon will take to the High Dive stage at a very reasonable 5.30pm time slot to charm us with his unmatchable disarming banter and cozy melodic tales of schoolboy crushes, punk roommates, true love, and squash

More than just a fella with good taste in friends (he’s opened up for the Magnetic Fields and Billy Bragg, just to name drop a little), most folks leave his shows feeling like you have a new BFF… and one that can play the ukulele at that. Let’s start off our Saturday night in High Dive style!

And if your friends still aren’t convinced that they should join you at the DH show…