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Are you looking for a righteous time, where the chances are quite high that you just may time travel through your third eye across the 8th dimension to a land where Bill Hicks is king? You are?! Fantastic. I have a show for you. Come December 31st (this Friday), you should take train/plane/tauntaun to the Comet Tavern for a real hum-dinger of a show.

Purple Rhinestone Eagle is a band name I’ve heard a lot lately, usually followed by high praise and excitement. I liked the name, so I checked out the band — and holy shiz, ladies and gents. This band is grade-A, top shelf ‘Sabbath-slaps-high-fives-with-Zeppelin-and-sacrifices-a-goat-to-a pagan-god’ awesome. If someone were to tell me that the members of this band were descendants of Children of the Sixth Root Race, Jefferson Airplane, and a giant blunt, I would not be surprised at all. I like the song “Burn It Down” so much I may just skip everything else going on New Year’s Eve and plant my bum front and center as soon as the Comet opens so I won’t miss a minute of PRE’s magic. Seriously. Anyone looking to watch music and have a transcendental experience should make plans to check this band out.

Like you need another reason to attend this show — you don’t, but you won’t want to miss He Whose Ox Is Gored. I saw this band open for Generalissimo at the Comet some months ago and (again) stuck around for their set because I thought their name was rad. I immediately told my boyfriend that He Whose Ox Is Gored had totally cornered the market on the goth.New Order sound. That, plus the fact that they recorded their second EP with Tad Doyle (TAD, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth) should seal the proverbial deal any doubters. Truly. I’m not usually one for dark, synthy and whispery-screamy vocals, but He Whose Ox Is Gored avoid the cheesy and provide compelling soundscapes and performance — enough to keep even the most wishy-washy show attendee enthralled.

In summary: Purple Rhinestone Eagle. He Whose Ox Is Gored. Comet. NYE. Ten bucks. Starts when twilight falls upon the city. I’ll be the one in the front burning incense.