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To the Glorious Lonely. Photo from MySpaceSeattle musician Jeff Rouse, who has played bass with a host of local bands over the years — including Alien Crime Syndicate, Sirens Sister, and Tommy Stinson's band — has a new solo effort underway. Under the moniker To the Glorious Lonely, he plays not only his usual bass but also guitar and lap steel, and handles all the vocal duties as well. Instead of the more straight-ahead rock stylings of his previous bands, To the Glorious Lonely has far more twang, listing influences like Steve Earle, Gram Parsons, Band of Horses, and Ryan Adams.

According to Rouse, the record is about halfway done. He's posted two tracks to his brand new MySpace page: "Selling Heartbreak" and "Another Sunday Morning." Go have a listen and maybe add his as a friend.

To the Glorious Lonely MySpace page: