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Meat Cake from CraftA wedding cake of meat? Even as a vegetarian I have respect for this culinary masterpiece (as, I suspect, do many of my meat-obsessed ex-boyfriends).

Thanks to Craft for 'breaking' this story. The chef herself explains:

I figured this was just a faux meat cake, but this cake really is made out of meat. The cake is made out of 6 pounds of hamburger (plus seasonings), worcestershire/ketchup/brown sugar for the glaze, and mashed potatoes for the frosting.

Black Widow Bakery made her friend the ultimate Groom cake. The recipe and how-to pictures are available on the Black Widow Bakery site.

What would you like a cake made of?

My dream baked good, frozen yogurt cakes, has already been invented — but I feel like their market penetration isn't high enough. I want to be able to get a cookies and cream frozen yogurt cake with peanut butter icing at my local grocery store.

Sound weird? What's your craving?