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Get yr dancing shoes on, ya’ll, The Gossip is comin to town. The oft alternatively-spelling Southern trio is coming to Seattle in October, bringing fatty love, fashion, and female empowerment in tow. Tickets go on sale Friday, July 31st at 10:00 AM. They are playing the Showbox, October 23rd. Tickets are $20.00 in advance and $22.00 at the door. This show will likely sell out, so if you wanna rawk with Ditto and co, it’s in yr best interest to get tickets early!

The Gossip is touring on their new album Music For Men, which hits stores on October 6th. If the track “Heavy Cross” is any indicator of the quality of this new album, Ditto’s fans will be in for a real treat. Again, she splashes her canvas with soul, disco, punk, and gospel, makes them her own, and completely dominates every sound to the fullest.

Find somethin frilly and foxxy, put on your brightest red lipstick and get ready to scream, sweat, and dance yr azz off with the band that says “We will nvr die + we will nvr diet.”

Rawk on!

And, because it is about the hawttest thing ever put to tape, and (because it’s so hawt outside and this is so cool) check out Beth Ditto and Jarvis Cocker singing “Temptation” by Heaven 17 (I’m done with the spelling,I promise…)

(Amazing photo of the Gossip at CHBP by joshc and from the TIG Flickr Photo Pool)