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Betsy here, chiming in from SFO en route to Seattle! I'll be in your fair city in less than four hours. While I'm wasting time waiting to board for the final stretch, some notes on my travels thus far:

* MMM, Lorazepam.

* If you plead with the gate attendant with an expresssion of extreme panic, she'll give you a seat with nobody next to you.

* Blades of Glory is reprehensibly bad, but will help to put you to sleep if indeed it is your in-flight entertainment.

* Someone I know was on my flight! Bizarro.

* You still can't fly with liquids (I thought this was a temporary thing that was long over — and had to return to baggage check and check my carry-on, thus not having any of my makeup/hair products/etc. to pretty myself up for igDana when she picks me up in Seattle!).

* Second most crucial flight need: earplugs (after Lorazepam, of course).