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Happy July 4th! Go America, rah rah rah! Now go blow something up. Wahoo!!

While I know most of us aren't planning to be online much today, I thought I'd repost this message I got from the fine folks at MoveOn. I'm not one to willy nilly forward on all the political emails I receive (and you should be grateful for that; I get tons). But the juxtaposition of our president pardoning Cheney aide Scooter Libby just before Independence Day has me infuriated — and I know I'm not the only one.

It makes me so angry, I lose eloquence. I just want to call all those guys a bunch of douchebags.

So instead, I'm going to share the words of someone far calmer than I am, Eli Pariser of Move On. Emphasis is mine.

You've probably seen the news this morning: President Bush let Cheney aide Scooter Libby, the one man who was convicted for the lies around the Iraq war, go free. Paris Hilton served more jail time than he will.

Bush and Cheney think their administration is above the law. That's un-American, and this July 4th it's time for Congress to re-assert its constitutional authority and stop the administration's obstruction of justice.

Congress can start by demanding answers from the Bush administration about the Iraq war and their illegal spying program, and not backing down until they get them. Cheney won't testify? Subpoena him. He won't come? Hold him in contempt of Congress and send over the police. And if that doesn't work, impeach the guy. We just can't let President Bush and his administration dismantle our Constitution.

This July 4th, it's time to bring checks and balances back again. Click here to sign the petition and send a message to Congress to act now (the text of the petition is in the box to the right):

I clicked it to sign. I wish I believed it would do any good.