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I joined the Black Parade at WaMu Theater!
(Big hugs and thanks to my friend Andy who had to give up his tickets at the last minute!)

As much as many of you want to, the My Chemical Romance stage show is nothing to scoff at. Last night's show had exploding cannons aflame, a curtain of sparks cascading on the stage (to signify a song's climax), and five minutes of shooting confetti that drenched the ecstatic audience (my boys weren't cheap with the confetti). Face it people, there's no way anyone can not have a grand time while drowning in confetti falling from the sky.

As my +1 has appropriately explained, these guys are Les Misables for 14-year olds. Recorded, their songs have the Meatloaf aesthetic of overarching anthemic guitar (that so many of their contemporaries have tried to capture – to no avail). Live, they are quite the showmen and actually embody a more T. Rex feel. Being surrounded by screaming fans and teenagers aching with delirious joy is lots of fun too. And did I mention the confetti, fire-breathing cannons and curtain of streaming sparks from floor to ceiling?

I've looked all morning for a high quality videotaping of a portion of the show (I guess many folks can't get to that until afternoon studyhall), so here's a low-quality 50-second version of my MCR gateway drug: The Black Parade. But don't really listen to the sound (it's HORRIBLE!). Look at that confetti!

Enjoy it now… I can't imagine that igDana isn't going to let me post any more MCR videos. 😉