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Dear Rachel,

Recently someone who I care for deeply told me that I have that "spark" that he has been looking for, enjoys our time spent together and could see our relationship getting serious. He then followed that up with, "But I'm just not ready for that right now." Currently he is dating another girl.

My question to you is…what the hell does that mean? I feel jipped.




Dearest Jackie,

Wow, how 80's fireside bearskin of him. Sounds like you've got the spark and the future and the goodtimes. How about taking them over to another dude's house? I know you care deeply for him, but he's dating someone. Unless he breaks up with her, you're only asking for troubs, which you know. History, she's a repeater, so be careful.

Say, while we're on history, did you know the old phrase "rule of thumb" actually comes from the size of the stick acceptable to beat one's wife with? If it's thicker than your thumb, it's illegal. No shit. The word jip, as in "I feel jipped," comes from the word "Gypsy," which actually bugs gypsies when you say that. Weird.

Now get your sparky fine self into the hands of a worthy historian.




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