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Three Imaginary Girls turns lucky 17


As of today (June 10th), Three Imaginary Girls has graced the interwebs for 17 years!

Happy birthday, Three Imaginary Girls!!!

Each birthday makes me look back on all the fun we’ve had and figure out how to have more fun in the coming year.

One of the most fun things we’ve done here at Three Imaginary Girls is share some of our favorite songs with you in the form of our Imaginary Indie Tunes podcast. It was a mixtape we made of our favorite songs for each given month, spotlighting new releases and upcoming shows between 2005-2010. Back then publishing a podcast (getting all the song OKs and putting it together) felt like a lot of work, so it fell off our plates when we started working on other imaginary projects.

Starting back up with a podcast has been high on my imaginary to-do spreadsheet since we shared our last one in 2010… and what a better way to get the imaginary podcast train moving than by republishing our podcast archive (it got lost when we updated the website back in 2015).

To celebrate our big 1-7, I’ve dug into the imaginary vaults, found our vintage podcasts, and I’m excited to start republishing them all (well, the ones I can find in working order).  The first few are live and ready for you to enjoy some of our favorite songs of years past. As I listened to them for the first time in a long time, it reiterated the fact that a good song is a good song. Even though we shared them 12+ years ago, they are still very lovable.

Podcast Episode #2: August 2006

It’s our second episode (the first one has become truly imaginary). The playlist includes some of our favorite Seattle songs and a spotlight on the Athens (GA) Popfest: The Long Winters • Heather Duby • The Trucks • Cars Can Be Blue • Bugs Eat Books • Bunnygrunt • The Gazetteers • Umeko • Optimus Rhyme • Stuporhero

Podcast Episode #3: September 2006

Our third episode, originally published in September 2006. The playlist includes a lot of great Seattle artists: Math and Physics Club • Trevor Dickson • The Pharmacy • Birdwatchers United • Shorthand for Epic • The Doll Test • The Drug Purse • Stars of Track and Field • Sirens Sister

Podcast Episode #4: November 2006

Our fourth episode, originally published in November 2006, was our naughtiest to date. It’s full of really great songs from Seattle and beyond – and it’s important to note that we plopped a set of songs in the middle that are not appropriate for young or pious or coworkers’ ears. The playlist includes: The Hot Toddies • Racetrack • Man Plus • Argo • Nicky Click • Voxy • Cars Can Be Blue • The Trucks • A Gun That Shoots Knives • We Wrote the Book on Connectors • The Treatment • Fernando • Tea Cozies • The Snakebites


We’ll let everyone know on twitter and Facebook and instagram each time we republish another podcast from the archive. If your memory is like mine (i.e. fairly shot), they’ll feel fresh as the day we first shared them.

Also, I’d like to take this {and every} opportunity to thank everyone on the imaginary team for sharing their brainy thoughts and opinions and talents via Three Imaginary Girls over the last 17 years.

A super special big shout out to the TIG Film Team who kicked major booty with their nonstop full-scale SIFF 2019 coverage. Their film recaps and commentary are delivered with the sharpest wit – perfect for both the film geek and casual participant alike. Make sure to check back and look for our Best of SIFF wrap up coming later this week. You rule, Imaginary Amie Simon and Imaginary Embracey!

And have you checked out our recent live show reviews & photo galleries,  album reviews, and interviews? The whole team – including Amie Simon, Andrew Boe, Pete Hilgendorf, and Imaginary Embracey – have been in full force and we are so so so grateful and giddy.

And speaking of things to look forward to, we’re hoping to share coverage of the CHBP in July and the new THING festival in August. Add to that all the other TBD neat stuff happening in the coming months, we’re excited for another wonderful Seattle summer with you.

The biggest thanks goes to all those who have supported us through the years with their kind $ donations and enthusiastic words of encouragement. You are the reason we’re even able to share in all of this happy. You. Are. The. Best.