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Four years ago today, President George W. Bush donned a codpiece-augmented flightsuit, landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier Lincoln, and declared victory in Iraq standing in front of a giant banner that declared "Mission Accomplished!"

It is doomed to go down in history as the most effed up piece of political wishful thinking of all time. Since that date, 3,000+ American troops have died, an Iraqi civil war has ignited, and countless Iraqis have died (literally, countless, as we have no accurate numbers as to how many – perhaps as high as 650,000).

We should weep for America.

Instead, let's celebrate other Missions (Un)Accomplished. I'll go first:

I vowed I'd lose 40 lbs. by June 16th. While I've lost 20 so far, I'm still eating too much pizza and ice cream for anyone on a diet.

What about you?!