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… go see Centro-matic at the High Dive in Fremont. Centro-matic hails from Denton, Texas, my college town and an insanely great little music town. (I've seen Melt Banana, Apples in Stereo, Blood Brothers, Low, Deerhoof, Fiery Furnaces etc. in a 200 person venue, Rubber Gloves, in Denton).

I've seen this band more than any band EVER in my show-going career. The lead singer of Centro, Will Johnson, is a poignant songwriter an extremely prolific artist and guitarist. Along with Centro-matic, Will has a side project of sorts called South San Gabriel, which also features the members of Centro-matic and special guests.

Centro-matic will sweet talk in your ear, make you love them and then break your heart in a million rock 'n roll pieces. I love this band and am ecstatic to hear a piece of my Texas home right here in Seattle. At $8 you can't afford not to check out this band! —-> mp3s

Come say hi… you know I'll be there.