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In terms of pure cute showmanship, there was no doubt in my mind that Blue Sky Mile's frontman would win. From his get-up-and-go vocal stylings and moves to his oh-so-rocker-boy tats, he tossed his hair and danced his skinny pale indie-rock body all over that lack-of-stage space.

If anyone had misgivings that the Fusion Cafe needed a stage {imaginary aside: the whole evening was sponsored as a fund raiser to buy the Fusion Cafe said stage) this boy assuaged all doubts! This is showmanship to be elevated!! Get a stage on which this boy can perform!

Blue Sky Mile continued through their set of poppy-punk numbers, featuring a notable nod to Green Day as well as strong 80s sensibilities.

"Definitely entertaining live, but did you know Chris Walla engineered their demo? Pretty fancy," said Summer.

"They were really energetic, entertaining, even bouncy at times. But I ended up running up three blocks to get a new chip for Summer's camera, so I didn't see much of their set. Oh well," said Alisha.

Twas not an effort in vain. Now you can see for yourself how cute all the bands were! {I know we've said this many time, but a HUGE imaginary thanks to Summer for her above the call of duty efforts as imaginary photograper for the event!}

The lead singer is a late- 1980s- Berkely- Punk Conor Oberst with an intensity to match such a visual description. He would certainly give Ben Lashes a run for his money if they were pitted against each other. Ahhh…charisma and that power-punk-pop sound that gets me everytime.

I think he sang with a fake British accent in parts, which was a bit odd. Their songs used dramatically sudden starts and stops for extra pop-punches throughout, which I liked. Overall, I'd say this band had the most cute sound. But then, no one asked me…